The Board. A chronicle of the decline and fall of the Pottstown Symphony Orchestra

A study in Ethics and in Mismanagement


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THE BOARD has been written for students of arts management, for members of boards of directors and for musicians, the arts public and for those who associate themselves with such organizations. It is a chronicle of mismanagement whose purpose is to help alert them to the signs of serious ethical problems that may exist in their own institutions. Most non-profit entities are governed ethically and remain true to a high standard of behavior, dedicated to their communities and to the improvement of the quality of life in their regions. On these boards are often to be found individuals who, with creativity, energy and generosity, give of themselves for the good of the arts and culture in their region.

However, there are other organizations such as I have described in THE BOARD where the inability to understand the real meaning of governance and corporate responsibility display disregard for the consequences of their refusal to properly steward their institution. These consequences can be dramatic for the employees and for the community. This story of THE BOARD mirrors the gravity of what has taken place during this period in our history, in our broader, world-wide community. THE BOARD hopes to expose many of the symptoms of such decay and pleads for an ethical balance and better control of such organizations.


The Board. A chronicle of the decline and fall of the Pottstown Symphony Orchestra


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