Motivation. The Secret of Happiness and Success


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We all know the kind of situations in which the desire or the energy to do what we had planned just wasn’t there, for whatever reason. The jobs and tasks we had intended to do and the schedules we thought we’d keep: we had wanted to do some sport on this day, or visit friends on that evening; on a certain day we were to go to an interview, planned to finish some work, or to keep some important appointment, and so on. Every time, we find excuses for not doing that work or for postponing – even cancelling – that appointment. In all these examples we can see how necessary and important it is to have the right impetus or motive at the right time, and realise the value of being able to motivate ourselves in order to achieve our goals, short or long-term, or fulfil our own needs and desires. This book will suggest some possible solutions – also giving some relevant practical examples – that can be a way for us to develop our inner potential and confidently pursue our goals. Using these various methods of self-motivation not only helps us improve our chances of success in our professional and private lives, and so our quality of life; the success itself that we have experienced, as a result of this self-motivation, can improve our self-confidence and help us achieve those wishes we had thought unattainable. This book is designed to be used by people of many different age groups and professional backgrounds. They can select from the variety of methods presented and described here the ones that particularly appeal to them, most closely match their abilities and desires, seem most practical and appropriate, and are important to them as individuals. The group at which this book is aimed also includes lecturers, trainers, psychologists, educationalists and social education workers, whose concern with this issue is a professional one and who are looking for a suitable textbook for their courses in further education and in-service training. The book offers practical and scientifically proven information, presented in an accessible way.


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