Modern Concepts of Noninvasive Respiratory Support in Neonatology


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This publication reviews the clinical physiology of breathing and respiratory support in newborns. It focuses on contemporary methods of respiratory support in neonatology, key aspects of artificial lung ventilation and neonatal intensive care for respiratory failure in the neonatal period. The evolution of devices for delivering nasal CPAP is reviewed in detail, including the non-invasive high-frequency ventilation by the medin-CNO system. The differences between delivering CPAP with the medin-CNO system versus mechanical ventila-tors are discussed. This book does not claim to be a complete overview of all the aspects of neonatal respiratory therapy. Rather, according to the authors, the book focuses on nasal CPAP. Wider use of this treatment mode would reduce the number of complications and mortality due to respiratory failure and chronic lung disease in newborns. This book is intended for neonatologists, anaesthesiologists, intensive care specialists, paediatricians, neonatal nurses as well as all the other professionals involved in neonatal care. It may also be useful for students, medical interns and residents.


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