Clinical Linguistics and Child Language


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Clinical Linguistics is relatively a newly developed field that explains how humans generate their language with the help of different parts of the brain, identifies various language disorders including their associated pathological linguistic data, and describes the types of therapy to be applied to patients with language disorders and impairments. With a view to providing a clear understanding of the aforesaid topics, clinical linguistics embraces theories and methods of psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. At the same time, it has also welcomed different relevant concepts and research topics from psychology and neurology over time. Thus, tak-ing many important contents and theoretical frameworks from above neighboring disciplines, clinical linguistics has already been identified as an interdisciplinary academic endeavor.

This book is about detailed answers to such questions as: What are the definitions as well as the topics of research of a newly-explored discipline like clinical linguistics? How do a clinical linguist and a speech therapist / pathologist work to diagnose features and characteristics of different language disorders and impairments? Which methods and working procedures are followed to get pathological data in this discipline? Did people in ancient time study clinical linguistics as an independent discipline? What are the chronological stages of the development of this discipline? In addition, in order to provide a pragmatic training to the readers, this book deals with a couple of appropriate techniques and methods to collect pathological linguistic data of different Bengali and English children suffering from very specific developmental language disorders.


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