Pattern- and Component-based Development of Dependable Systems


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This book presents an engineering process for dependable systems using patterns and components. Dependable systems are systems with security and safety requirements addressing confidentiality, integrity, reliability and availability. The process covers requirements engineering, specification, architectural design, and testing. Within this process, methods for describing dependability requirements and identifying conflicting and missing requirements based on patterns and a pattern system are presented. In the book, rules for specifying the system to be build are developed and a step-by-step how an architecture of the dependable system can be derived is described. Moreover, a novel approach for automatic test case generation based on UML models of the environment is presented. The methods are integrated into a development process that is described by steps with detailed input, procedure and output. Additionally, validation conditions are described and formally expressed with OCL. The validation conditions check the consistency among the diagrams. The development process is supported by a UML profile that extends a UML tool. The engineering process steps are related to standards such as Common Criteria and IEC 61508.


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