Cosmos and Life. The New Physics of Cosmic Red Shift. Life versus Entropy. Functional Physics of Life. Nobel Laureates at Lindau 2010


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These are four summary articles on selected topics already discussed by the author in his previous books edited by Deutscher Wissenschafts-Verlag (DWV) Baden-Baden [1], [2], [3].
The final article of this booklet reports on the ‘Conference of Nobel Laureates meeting students in 2010’. This multi-national event of outstanding academics is most appreciated worldwide and traditionally takes place at the City of Lindau in Lake of Constance once a year. Particularly, however, the author discusses in the first article his alternative approach on ‚The New Physics of Cosmic Red Shift‘, which possibly changes our views as to the origin and frontiers of the Cosmos. In the two other articles, about ‚Life versus Entropy‘ and on ‚Functional Physics of Life‘, the author summarizes his conclusions from innumerable high level scientific meetings and research workshops partly supported by the EU Commission over the period 1985–2010, in favor of the advancement of knowledge especially in the fields of molecular biology, living molecular systems and the origin of life on earth [4].

[1] W. Hebel: Mysterium des Lebens aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht, Baden-Baden: DWV 2006
[2] W. Hebel: The Mystery of Life, Baden-Baden: DWV 2007
[3] W. Hebel: Nobel Laureates meet Students, Lindau 1996-2005, Baden-Baden: DWV 2008
[4] EUR 16784, Trends 4, W. Hebel: Biomolecular Development and Evolution, Luxembourg 1996


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